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NCTIES 2011 - Conference Wiki

Google Earth

has been a part of our educational toolkit for a few years now. But how often do we pull it out? And what are some of the new features that it can offer us? This session will explore some new and innovative ways to incorporate this tool into your school.


  • Google Liquid Galaxy - Engaging project for multiple views
  • North Carolina Geologic Tour (Linville Gorge) - 5th Grade Science (and middle and high school) implications as we create a tour
  • Explore your Area - K-2 activities for exploring our place in the world - Street View
  • Historical Explorations - Using Historical Map Data to enhance the curriculum - Various Map Resources and Tours and KMZ resources
  • Student Created Tours - HTML embed place mark descriptions - Glogster additions
  • Fly Me to the Moon - Exploring the white face
  • Women may be from Venus but Men are from Mars - Exploring the Red Planet
  • The Beautiful Night Sky
  • Voyage to the Deep - Explore the Ocean
  • Having Fun - Google Demo Slam
  • LiveBinder Links for further exploration