Historical Explorations

A great strategy for exploring changes in an area over time is to look at historical maps and imagry. Now we can overlay historical maps on parts of North Carolina!
The North Carolina Maps collection has downloadable map overlays for Google Earth.
To make use of them, simply follow the link above.
Brows the available maps for one that suits your purpose. Click it to go to the viewer page.
On the left hand side there should be a link to view the map in Google Earth. Clicking it will allow you to save the .KML or open it in Google Earth.
It will then be available in the places viewer. However, to make it permanently available, you may need to

For this workshop we will overlay the 1914 map of Raleigh

Historical Imagery
Google Earth now lets you slide back and view images from previous Google Earth updates as Historical Data.
To turn this feature on simply click the clock icon on the toolbar and then use the slider tool to explore prior images.